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Future Students

Meet our students

Biological Engineering

  • Elham Tolouei

    I love engineering. I chose engineering because I think it helps people to think deeply and find the best solution ...
    Elham Tolouei

Chemical Engineering

  • Jacky Song

    Monash boasts one of Australia’s top Engineering faculties, and is partnered with some of the world’s biggest and richest companies. ...
    Jacky Song

  • Allina  Fawcett

    I like that engineering has practical applicability and as an engineer you can work in a range of different areas.
    Allina Fawcett

  • Harriet Rappell

    I chose Chemical Engineering as my field. I really enjoy the aspects of generating and monitoring large-scale chemical processes like ...
    Harriet Rappell

  • Alex  Holdsworth

    I was attracted to engineering due to its combination of maths and science and application of these concepts to real ...
    Alex Holdsworth

  • Richelle  Lyndon

    The best thing about research is you constantly learn new things, encounter new challenges, improve your problem solving skills and ...
    Richelle Lyndon

  • Fatin AL-Deen

    Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) are emerging as promising candidates for various biomedical applications such as targeted vaccine delivery due ...
    Fatin AL-Deen

  • Blaise Murraylee

    Engineering, with the combination of using knowledge from maths, physics and chemistry to solve problems dealt with in the real ...
    Blaise Murraylee

  • Karinna Saxby

    Chemical Engineering encompasses a broad range of topics; looking at process control, material and energy balances, and design for a ...
    Karinna Saxby

  • Elly Thorne

    Chemical Engineering is primarily a combination of chemistry, physics and mathematics. As Chemical Engineers, we create, design, develop and operate ...
    Elly Thorne

  • Xu Li

    My research project is about developing a new class of microfluidic sensing devices for human healthcare, rapid disease detection and ...
    Xu Li

Civil Engineering

  • Jackson Law

    I chose civil engineering because I want to be involved in large and complex projects that will provide comprehensive solutions ...
    Jackson Law

  • Peter Kontos

    Monash University was a clear first preference for me because of its reputation as a world-class institution, and knowing that ...
    Peter Kontos

  • I liked the feel of the University, open and friendly. I had also heard the Engineering degrees offered were of ...
    Emily Darlison

  • Shejuti Hossain

    In my opinion, engineering is a very noble profession. It is one which has the capacity and foresight needed to ...
    Shejuti Hossain

  • Anthony England

    Monash University gives you flexibility in your degree and has a broad range of co-curricular activities to participate in.
    Anthony England

  • Shanika  Ekanayake

    Having access to exchange programs, research projects and various clubs has really added value to my time at Monash. The ...
    Shanika Ekanayake

  • Jessica Lee

    ‘The Leadership in a Technological Environment program taught me how to manage myself and others and equipped me with skills ...
    Jessica Lee

  • Kara Brussen

    I really enjoyed the first year Civil subject and I think that, given the broad nature of Civil Engineering, there ...
    Kara Brussen

  • Daniel  Freitag

    ‘The Monash Engineering program holds a very good reputation for course content and knowledgeable lecturers. In my four years of ...
    Daniel Freitag

  • Andrew  Elder

    The highlight of my course has definitely been the chance to meet so many new people from such a range ...
    Andrew Elder

  • Dilshan De Silva

    Engineering caters to my passion for problem solving, critical thinking and innovation.
    Dilshan De Silva

  • Karsten Forsterling

    Being presented with a task that at first seems insurmountable both in complexity and volume can be challenging. Engineering ...
    Karsten Forsterling

  • Selvin  Sebastian

    I was always fascinated by the engineering marvels around us, such as skyscrapers, big bridges, cars, jet planes etc. I ...
    Selvin Sebastian

  • Simon  Roberts

    Like most engineering students I enjoyed the challenge of mathematics and physics but was seeking a course that would allow ...
    Simon Roberts

  • Andrew Cox

    During school I was always more attracted to the physical sciences than the humanities
    Andrew Cox

  • Larissa  Aguiar

    My main aim is to be situated in a position where I can make a positive and lasting contribution to ...
    Larissa Aguiar

  • Andrei  Khaidurov

    Engineering was the right choice for me because I always wanted to contribute to the world community.
    Andrei Khaidurov

  • Michelle Doolan

    When I looked into the course structure for Environmental Engineering, I found that the subjects were truly multi-disciplinary, with subjects ...
    Michelle Doolan

Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering

  • Sharanya Yoganathan

    Engineering is a meaningful and broad career. Electrical and computer systems engineering is fundamental to our modern way of ...
    Sharanya Yoganathan

  • Nadia Antanovskii

    As a software engineer you never stop learning. You’re encouraged to broaden your skills and explore new technologies. Working in ...
    Nadia Antanovskii

  • Peter  Young

    Being able to understand, create and fix things is one of the major reasons why I picked engineering.
    Peter Young

  • Dilani Kahawala

    Throughout my undergraduate studies I found the computer resources available to Engineering students immensely helpful. The laboratories are always great ...
    Dilani Kahawala

  • Stephanie  Ang

    I’d always wanted to challenge myself in university, and the marriage of theory and creativity in engineering problem solving really ...
    Stephanie Ang

  • Taqi Ali

    Engineering drew me because it gave me the opportunity to use science in a practical manner, to do things with ...
    Taqi Ali

  • Olga  Trivailo

    After graduating from Monash, I wanted to continue with the momentum of my studies, and extend my education. Undertaking ...
    Olga Trivailo

  • Faisal Bashari

    The various ways of how I would be able to apply this interest to real life problems and projects and ...
    Faisal Bashari

  • Jonathon Geeves

    I enjoy problem solving and designing solutions and electrical and computer systems engineering allows me to do that.
    Jonathon Geeves

  • Chea Arn  Choo

    As the world grows at a faster pace, mechatronics engineering seeks to eliminate human errors and carry out tasks much ...
    Chea Arn Choo

  • Michelle Ng

    'Monash uni engineering is much more practical than other universities because the subjects offered are more hands on, meaning that ...
    Michelle Ng

Materials Engineering

  • Eliza Tipping

    Materials engineering is the crucial stepping stone to innovation, allowing us to push technological boundaries. It’s a relatively new field ...
    Eliza Tipping

  • Christine Crawshaw

    I enjoy working with technical specialists and learning from their wealth of experience, there's always something new to learn! My ...
    Christine Crawshaw

  • Aaron Chong

    Materials engineering takes the best of chemistry, physics and mathematics and applies them to engineering in a truly cross-disciplinary branch. ...
    Aaron Chong

  • Svetlana Babchuk

    Materials Engineering is a very diverse field that is in high demand. You are given the opportunity to learn about ...
    Svetlana Babchuk

  • Ghadeer Alame

    Engineers are future technical service providers to society which help in the progression and innovation of a society. I love ...
    Ghadeer Alame

  • Yashwin Mahadea

    “Monash is among the top universities in the world; it has a great reputation worldwide and is very well recognised ...
    Yashwin Mahadea

  • Yi Cao

    In the Summer Research Program, I researched a new type of aluminium alloy that has potential applications in the automobile ...
    Yi Cao

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • Lisa Mililli

    My double degree allowed me to be able to think in a multidisciplinary manner, and incorporate innovation into my interests ...
    Lisa Mililli

  • Lauren Clay

    In my role as a Building Physics Engineer, I conduct simulation work to provide advice that encompasses comfortable environments and ...
    Lauren Clay

  • Samuel de Boer

    I couldn’t decide whether to study mechanical or electrical and computer systems engineering - so I decided to do both ...
    Samuel de Boer

  • Tim  Goodson

    I felt that studying both engineering and social sciences would give a great deal more breadth to my studies and ...
    Tim Goodson

  • Jenny Li

    I have always been interested in maths and science, especially being able to apply the theory in a practical application ...
    Jenny Li

  • Cameron Glover

    Cameron is involved with Monash Formula SAE. Monash Formula SAE gives keen students the chance to apply and develop practical ...
    Cameron Glover

  • Ilani Jamin

    I chose Mechanical Engineering because of its broad scope. I get to learn the basics of many aspects of engineering, ...
    Ilani Jamin

  • Joshua Pinskier

    Mechatronics Engineering involves learning about electronic circuitry, devices and mechanical systems. As a lead-in to a career, it is great ...
    Joshua Pinskier

  • Ross Perry

    My involvement with Formula SAE has given me an understanding of engineering design and project management that cannot be learnt ...
    Ross Perry

  • David Gunn

    I enjoy being a student at Monash because the atmosphere at the Clayton campus is quite friendly and doesn’t feel ...
    David Gunn

  • Alex Geraeds

    The concept of flight has always fascinated me; I wanted to fully understand how a giant pile of metal could ...
    Alex Geraeds

  • Sotirios Pestrivas

    Mechanical engineering appealed to me the most due to the broad range of applications and areas that I could pursue.
    Sotirios Pestrivas

  • Angus Gillespie

    I have always been interested in finding practical solutions to everyday problems and studying Engineering was a way for me ...
    Angus Gillespie

  • Aaron Corera

    I have always enjoyed solving problems and been interested in maths and physics. Engineering allowed me to combine these skills ...
    Aaron Corera

  • Marc Erzetic-Graziani

    Engineering was always the right choice for me. From a young age I had an interest in the way things ...
    Marc Erzetic-Graziani

  • Bhed Boolorun

    Besides my dream of building a superhero suit, I want to work in the energy sector.
    Bhed Boolorun

  • Hasala Govinna

    The most appealing thing about engineering for me is the analytical, step by step approach to solving some tremendously complicated ...
    Hasala Govinna

  • Bianca Chen

    Engineering fulfils my hobbies and allows me to study what I’m interested in.
    Bianca Chen

  • Michael Latham

    “I was motivated to apply for the scholarship by a strong desire to make the most of my time at ...
    Michael Latham

  • Alexander Payne

    "The best thing about the award is doing the work experience over summer because I believe that it will help ...
    Alexander Payne

  • Kieran Beck

    Aerospace Engineering is the branch of engineering that involves the design, construction and science of aircraft and spacecraft. Although it ...
    Kieran Beck

  • Hong Minh Ha

    The most interesting part of my research is that I don’t know what the results will be. It makes it ...
    Hong Minh Ha

  • Chor Han Ng

    The Summer Research Program gives students the opportunity to experience being a researcher. It helps students figure out what exactly ...
    Chor Han Ng

  • Jack Low

    I believe that the double degree enables me to design more well-rounded products, where engineering takes care of the mechanical ...
    Jack Low