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Monash Engineering International Engagement

Monash Engineering is a multi-disciplinary Faculty involved in internationally relevant engineering developments.

Our diverse international partnerships build knowledge and shape new schools of thought and discovery.


Monash Engineering has established diverse international relationships with Chinese universities and has strong industry linkages with world-renowned organisations. The China Linkage Engineering Programs, available at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, provide unique opportunities for students to combine their study with valuable international experience.

Monash Engineering is a key partner of the newly established Baosteel-Australia Joint Research and Development Centre that aims to conduct research and provide innovative technologies in areas relevant to the steel industry. The Monash-led Australia-China Research Centre for Light Metals(ACCLiM) is another significant Australia-China collaboration in the high-end aerospace and advanced manufacturing research.

Since 2005, Monash Engineering and its partner universities have been successfully running a Tri-University Research Workshop on Advanced Engineering. In 2012, the Faculty launched a new initiative to offer opportunities for high achieving Chinese students to undertake an undergraduate scholarship program at Monash.


Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) - Monash Research Academy

The IITB-Monash Research Academy, based in Mumbai, India is an exciting partnership between the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) and Monash University - two of the world's leading educational and research institutions.

Together IITB and Monash are taking a collaborative approach to multidisciplinary research that can effectively deliver high impact, integrated solutions to complex research problems for industry, government and the broader research community.

The IITB-Monash Research Academy has received significant financial and research support by principle sponsors BHP Billiton, the Australian Stem Cell Centre and other organisations.

BHP Billion DIISR CSIRO infosys Orica JSW TATA DSM


Tokyo University

In order to enhance research and other academic activities, the Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo, Japan and the Faculty of Engineering have entered joint research collaboration in the fields of utilization of brown coal.The scope of academic exchange and cooperation includes Conducting joint research, Organizing academic meetings, symposia and workshops, Exchange of information, and Joint academic publications.

Osaka University

Monash College and the Faculty of Engineering provide a customized program for engineering students from Osaka University on general English and English for engineering and science. Participating students are offered a full day of engineering activities that aim to provide an engaging engineering environment for the students to practice their English language skills to grasp and communicate technical information.

31 engineering students from Osaka University participated in the program in 2012. For more information, please visit


Monash Sunway School of Engineering

The Monash University Sunway Campus in Malaysia opened in 1998. The Monash Sunway School of Engineering offers the Bachelor of Engineering degree with specialisations in: Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering and Chemical Engineering. Student specialising in one of these discipline areas can complete the entire degree on campus in Malaysia, or transfer to Clayton campus, Australia.

The Sunway Engineering School research strengths include: robotics, automation and manufacturing; photonics semiconductors communication technologies; chemical and sustainable process engineering; and environment and green technology


Lulea University of Technology

Undergraduate, Masters and Teaching Exchange Program, which students study in the host university for the period of one semester to a year, or 3 to 6 months.

Erasmus Mundus Space Master Program. A two–year coursework/minor research program run by Lulea with five other European universities, High-honours Monash graduates in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering can apply for scholarships to enroll in this program.

PhD Polis Program. A joint research program which allows for a PhD student at either university working under co-supervision on an area of mutual interest and exploiting complementary expertise. Students spend up to 1 year at the host university.

Dual-award PhD Program, which students enroll as PhD candidates at both Monash and Lulea on a common research topic under joint supervision. The students spend a minimum of 1 year researching at each university, submit two dissertations and satisfy the academic requirements of each university. Duration of candidature is 4 years.

Strong ongoing collaboration in research in all departments of Engineering, supported by local and Swedish STINT (Swedish Institute for International Cooperation in Research and Teaching) grants. Monash researchers can also join Lulea collaborators as partners in EU research programs. Over 80 journal and conference papers have resulted from the collaborative research so far.


University of Warwick

Monash and the University of Warwick in UK established a first-of-its-kind alliance in December 2011, in addition to a strong and productive relationship between the two universities over many years - particularly through joint research projects. A core priority of the alliance is to deliver a seamless international experience for students and prepare them for life in a globally integrated labour market. The Warwick Monash partnership will develop a range of jointly delivered degrees with students undertaking study at both universities.

For International Partnership Enquiries

Professor Huanting Wang
Faculty of Engineering
Associate Dean International
Phone: +61 3 9905 3449

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