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Monash in Malaysia produces another award winner

13 February 2013

Nicholas Choo Loke Sinn was chosen for the Sir John Monash Medal for Outstanding Achievement among 4,852 students at the Faculty of Engineering.

For the first time, an Engineering student of Monash University Sunway campus has won the distinguished Sir John Monash Medal for Outstanding Achievement. Nicholas Choo Loke Sinn, 24, not only produced exceptional results in his Bachelor of Engineering (in the field of Mechanical Engineering), but also founded the Malaysian chapter of the Golden Key Society – one of the largest and most respected international honour societies in the world – at Monash University Sunway campus. 

“I am happy and contented because the hard work has paid off. I did not want to disappoint those who have supported me throughout the years – my family, relatives and friends,” Nicholas said of his award.

Nicholas, who is Penang’s Chung Ling High School alumnus, will receive the medal at Monash University Sunway campus’ graduation ceremony in March. “My family is excited. They know I’ve been working hard on academic and curriculum,” the Gamuda scholar said.

The Sir John Monash Medal for Outstanding Achievement is awarded to a final-year undergraduate student of each Faculty who has achieved excellent academic records and demonstrated a significant commitment, while at Monash, to advancing the University’s goals of social justice, human rights and a sustainable environment. Nicholas was chosen for the award among 4,852 students at Monash University’s Faculty of Engineering.

Whilst at Monash University Sunway campus’ School of Engineering, he was chosen to attend the International Conference on Information and Automation for Sustainability in China. Under the Golden Key Society, which recognises that members are among the top 15 per cent of their class and offers scholarships, internships, study abroad programs and opportunities for networking and leadership, Nicholas attended networking conferences in Melbourne and the United States.

He is excited to graduate in March and begin working with Gamuda-MMC, where he had previously undertaken two internship stints, first working on the company’s MRT project for a month and later its electrified double-track project for two months.

Asked about his secret to success, Nicholas replied: “I have no secret. I just tried my best. But the one thing I learned was to not be embarrassed to ask questions.“Being involved in university life, especially in the extra co-curricular activities, was an amazing experience,” he added.