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Current students

Engineering online resources

These online and print resources are intended to help you develop the skills you need to succeed in your studies in Engineering. They include information on key aspects of studying and learning effectively in Engineering. They also provide clear guidelines on report writing, referencing and giving oral presentations. Each resource gives important advice and uses samples from student work to help you understand what you should do in your studies and assignments.

1. Learning effectively in Engineering

Managing your study

  • Studying effectively (pdf, 25kb)
  • Preparing a study timetable (pdf, 89kb)

Getting the most out of lectures, tutorials and labs

Getting the most out of groupwork

Integrating information in your work

2. Reporting your work in oral presentations

3. Writing in Engineering

Academic technical style

Writing Engineering reports

Writing lab reports

Writing the Vacation employment report

Reporting the 4th year project

  • Overview and the project proposal (pdf, 40kb)
  • The progress report (pdf, 38kb)
  • The poster presentation (pdf, 202kb)
  • The oral presentation (pdf, 41kb)
  • The final report (pdf, 39kb)
  • The research paper (pdf, 24kb)
  • Editing the structure of the 4th year report (pdf, 27kb)
  • Editing the writing of the 4th year report (pdf, 63kb)

4. Referencing in your assignments

  • Why do we reference in Engineering? (pdf, 51kb)
  • Using the Author-date (Harvard) referencing system (pdf, 58kb)
  • Using the IEEE referencing system (pdf, 59kb)

5. Succeeding in your exams

6. Other learning resources