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Welcome to the Bioengineering Laboratory (BEL)

The Bioengineering Laboratory (BEL) within Department of Chemical Engineering at Monash University focuses on the interface between biomolecules and nanomaterials towards the building of new functional products. BEL carries out multidisciplinary research in the field of bioengineering and nanotechnology to develop products that are simple, cost-efficient and environment friendly.

Our research is centered on engineering bio-interfaces involving biomolecular interactions at various interfaces like solid-liquid, liquid-air and nanoparticle surfaces. Bio-interfaces are of great importance in the area of medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological and food industries. Our primary objective is to develop new and simple approaches to control biomolecule orientations at interfaces to have desirable attributes for the application of biocatalysis, drug-delivery and stimuli-responsive foams.
We integrate bioengineering and nanotechnology to engineer advanced bio-interfaces ranging from stimuli-responsive peptide-controlled foams to nanoparticle-based enzyme biocatalysts and multifunctional peptides-facilitated drug delivery systems. Biophysical methods including neutron and x-ray scattering and surface plasmon resonance (SPR) are employed to reveal interfacial structure of proteins and peptides, guiding design and production of advanced products at interfaces.

Research focus of the Bioengineering Lab at Monash University

research focus of the Bioengineering Lab at Monash


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