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Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering at Monash University

Established in 1961, we are one of the leading Chemical Engineering Departments in Australia and pride ourselves in our commitment to outstanding research and teaching. Our mission is to create fundamental knowledge and pioneer technologies in the chemical engineering sciences. Our undergraduate programs are modern and relevant to today’s and tomorrows engineers. With outstanding academic staff and well funded research programs, our facilities provide excellent opportunities for postgraduate research work leading to Masters or PhD degrees.






ChemEng Focus - Volume 9, Issue 3


Priya Agarwal

Priya combines study with social life on exchange

Monash University Environmental Engineering and Commerce student Priya Agarwal began her academic year on exchange as one of approximately 7,000 students at Monash University's largest international campus in Bandar Sunway, Malaysia.

Monash PhD student designing 'smart' drugs using nanoparticles

Imagine a tablet that could reduce the side effects of cancer treatment by releasing a dose of medication at a particular organ or tissue.

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